The review of MTK MT6589 processor

by Rosgani 12


On last year, MediaTek Division Technology has been release their first quad-core smartphone chipset – MT6589 using the ARM A7 architecture TSMC 28-nanometer manufacturing process.

The MediaTek also launched with the previous single, dual-core smart chip, like, MT6589 still has a high level of integration, low-power characteristics. Currently equipped with the MT6589 quad-core processor. This chipset has already embed in Gionee  2 (GN708W) elegance phone is already on the market.

The MT6589 has officially entered our field of view of the average consumer. For quad-core processor, may you also have some preliminary understanding about the MediaTek MT6589 chipset.

Cortex-A7 architecture has reliable performance

You might want to know, what features offered by this new chipset, we want to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the latest MediaTek MT6589 products, which is ARM Cortex-A7 processor based on the ARMv7-A architecture.

The processor overall performance plays a decisive role in the performance of different architecture processor at the same frequency may be a difference of 2-5 times ranging. Bluntly said that architecture is equivalent to the framework of a building, the entire building, the most basic things, As for the future construction of the high and low, and Comfort by the processor vendors decided.

However, due to the architecture is the foundation, so it needs to set an upper limit, such as the building was originally designed 5-storey and can accommodate up to 500 people, eventually forming the house must be within the limits prescribed, the processor The architecture directly determine its maximum performance.


Cortex-A7 processor architecture diagram

See here, have some understanding about the processor slightly, as early as in the single-core era, mainstream mobile processor with a Cortex-A8 architecture, dual-core processors are Cortex-A9 architecture, such as the latest Tegra 4 quad-core processors to achieve the Cortex-A15 architecture, MT6589 Cortex-A7 architecture processor from a digital point of view, whether it is the face of last year’s mainstream quad-core processor Tegra 3 (Cortex-A9) its previous generation dual-core MT6577 (Cortex-A9) are no advantages

In fact, the Cortex-A7 processor architecture and feature set is identical to that of the Cortex-A15 processor, different from this is that the Cortex-A7 processor micro-architecture focused on providing the best energy efficiency, so these two processors big.LITTLE (the size of the size of the core partner structure) configuration to work together to provide the ultimate combination of high performance and ultra-low power consumption. Five times the energy efficiency of a single Cortex-A7 processor ARM Cortex-A8 processor, the performance increase of 50%, and the size is only one-fifth of the latter. Simple point that the characteristics of the Cortex-A7 processor is based on guaranteed performance to provide excellent low-power performance.


Compared to 40nm Tegra 3 and MT6577 mainstream quad-core / dual-core processor, MT6589 also has a more advanced 28-nanometer process technology, which makes the MT6589 in essence, we must be more power than the other two previous processors.

Comprehensive performance measurement: almost double increase
To test this we MT6589 processor reliability test using AnTuTu Benchmark app version 3.1 Since these applications are widely used by Android devices and can produce accurate reports on the specification and performance of your Android device.

With the application of the Benchmark AnTuTu we did some evaluation of the performance of memory, CPU integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D and 3D graphics performance, Database IO for testing the speed of performance of the phone to do an overall score.

Fortunately, we uses the same 960 × 540 resolution with MT6589 and MT6577 models, so that we can fully contrast the gap between the performance of the two processors. We are able to see very obvious MT6589 comprehensive performance upgrade.


(Left) MT6577 MT6589 score score (right)

Tegra 3 mobile phone but I at hand and does not use a resolution of 960 × 540, in order to be fair, we did not check 2D and 3D performance test options, and the comparison of these two contrast link at the back of the graphics capabilities, we will have a special introduction. From the results point of view, the MT6589 processor score is already very close to the Tegra 3 processor, it is noteworthy MT6589 phone using the 1.2GHz frequency, Tegra 3 mobile phone frequency is 1.5GHz. If two phones frequency is the same, the results of the MT6589 may be even higher than Tegra 3.

MT6589 score (left) Tegra 3 score (right)

SGX544 GPU rendering ability

Known PC devices running 3D game flow is not smooth, on the one hand, relies on a central processor (CPU), depends on the graphics processor (GPU) on the larger aspects. The same is true for the mobile phone platform before relying solely on the CPU to deal with 3D games, the processing capacity is often inadequate. With the increasing CPU upgrade, also led to the synchronized GPU performance upgrade, the intelligent mobile terminal has been able to easily run large-scale 3D games, rich and gorgeous special effects can be comparable to the PC effect GPU not only for rendering 3D processing, precisely also assist video codec, video capture playback and photo shooting task of coding and graphics.

The MT6589 is still equipped with the Imagination Technologies PowerVR Series graphics chip, its core is to upgrade to a PowerVR SGX544 compared to the MT6577 SGX531 ultra graphics core on the rendering capabilities greatly enhance, then what is the graphics processing ‘s rendering capacity?


Well simple, our eyes see color, shape, and location of the phone on the graphics GPU must go through the “rendering”, “rendering”, in front of just a line-by-line code. GPU “rendering” including the the triangle output rate and pixel fill rate. While on the table, we see the PowerVR SGX544 either triangle output rate or pixel fill rate should be much higher than the SGX531 ultra.


Pixel fill rate is equivalent to the graph coloring fullness


Now we see the improved the MT6589 graphics core specifications the MT6589 measured the graphics capability.

An the Benchmark 3 DRating evaluation is a professional GPU performance testing software and safety benchmark comprehensive performance test, 3DRating only emphasis on equipment GPU hardware 3D, 3D performance is the main performance of the game software.

Through the test, higher score is mean more better 3D performance of the equipment, the devices will also be able to run the game software requirements of the appropriate level.

3D performance measured results are amazing

Same native resolution of 960 × 540, the MT6589’s 3D score reached the MT6577 three times, the difference scores and direct experience in the MT5689 device in my hands running the latest temple fled “significantly higher than MT6577 devices faster.


MT6589 MT6577 score (right) score (left) the

The AAnTuTu Benchmark 3DRating evaluation software allows equipment testing is limited to 2048 × 1024 resolution 3D score, which allows us to compare different screen resolution 3D capabilities of the device. In the limited resolution, the  MT6589 devices 3D score is also more than a score of Tegra 3 devices, reflecting its impressive graphical capabilities.


MT6589 score (left) Tegra 3 score (right)

From the outside. Android system supports packet PVRTC (PowerVR SGX), ATITC (Qualcomm), DXT (Nvidia) three, in addition to ETC1 OPENGL ES a common format. The PowerVR SGX5XT the series support PVRTC and ETC1 two formats, dominant in mainstream GPU platform. We know that most of the games of Android on the iOS platform transplanted from the iPhone or iPad is Imagination Technologies PowerVR series of graphics chips, so the compatibility of the game on the MT6589 is also has certain advantages.


The mainstream GPU support game packet comparison

Achieve 1080p display / video recorders

In addition to 3D performance, the audio and video playback and output capabilities of the graphics chip is also a very important parameter, we can see from the last page of the form. MT6589 Although the maximum output resolution and can be mounted on the maximum number of pixels of the camera than the Tegra 3 has a certain gap, from a practical point of view, however, the display output and video recording of 1080p resolution are reached the top mobile phone products specifications, while the 13 million-pixel camera specifications will become the standard configuration of the mainstream high-end mobile phones this year. These are compared with the previous MT6577 has made substantial progress.


The MT5689 native support for 1080p video recording


The MT6577 support to 720p video recording

Like my hands the bit rate of up to 45.6MB / s 1080p video MT6589 device is also able to stream drag-and-drop. What? No concept of this high-bit-rate video, well tell you, two and a half video capacity reached 843MB. Smooth playback of 45.6MB / s over bitrate 1080 video


To 3840×2160 resolution perverted video test


May be seen before the the evaluation article’s author will know, teacher Xiaobian have an extremely “abnormal” video, Why? Because it is a period of clear “outrageous” ultra-high resolution performance test video clips (exaggeration resolution of up to 3840×2160), it even is even higher than the resolution of the The New iPad Oh, the file format is MP4, maximum bit rate of up to 60mbps. Various details in the video is very, very rich, almost any screen pauses are a considerable praise Wallpaper. Of course, not all computer or mobile phone can play smoothly, and move it, I also try to play a bit Macbook Air really is very difficult to screen and audio out of sync, dropped frames significantly, with a 42-second video 2 minutes to fully aired.


Many details still need to improve the performance highlights of millet 2 relive

Movie screenshots

Movie information:
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 3840×2160
VBR 2 Pass Bitrate: 20-60mbps max
VBR 2 Pass Bitrate: 20-60mbps max
Camera: RED EPIC-M
Lens: ZEISS your (MP lenses) master prime
The film original shooting material for 5120×2700

Resolution is too large, the hardware of this video is certainly possible, and even the use of MX Video Player software solution, it is not all quad-core phone can be aired this video (with images MT5689 device is also Pictures of the simultaneous, dropped frames in serious condition, but it is also this video can be aired, this point is not to run sub can test out the software, largely reflects the limits of the ability of the MT6589.


Many details still need to improve the performance highlights of millet 2 relive

The MT5689 equipment this video broadcast over

Support HSPA + and W + TD dual standby / summarize

In addition to the performance boost, MT6589 in terms of network capacity is not progress, the MTK chip compared to the previous, it finally supports HSPA +, downlink peak speed increase sixfold. PS: HSPA + can be seen as HSPA (high-speed trekking link Packet Access), an upgraded version of HSPA + downlink transmission speed is 42M, 7.2M upgrade HSPA downlink than 6 times.

The more important Previously the MT6517 chip can support TD / CDMA network by adding other RF modules, but the threshold is relatively too high, while MTK6589 W + G / TD + G / W + TD / dual card dual standby dual pass. Therefore, the future we may see more TD mobile phones based on MT6589 ultra-low level, the user selects the richer.


The cheap new quad-core processors killer MT6589 performance evaluation

Support a variety of dual-network dual standby

MT6577 emergence of last year, quickly pull down the price of the dual-core phone, but compared to the mainstream dual-core processor, the performance gap is still very large, and the face of the other Qianyuan Ji dual-core chips, it also did not show much advantage. In contrast, today’s MT6589 in terms of process technology, architecture and graphics capabilities have reached the level of the absolute mainstream richer network compatibility allows this chip can get more carriers support. With the emergence of MT6589 Qualcomm MSM8X25Q, cheap quad-core chip, Qian Yuanji pattern of the mobile phone market is bound to be in the near future to be broken.


MT6589 Features at a Glance