NovaThor eQuad L8580, new Quad Core processor from ST Ericsson ready to showing at WMC 2013

by Rosgani 1


Competition in smart phones and tablets world in 2013 is likely to be more crowded. Moreover, some manufacturers began to show its newest processors. And, most recently with the new ST Ericsson L8580 NovaThor chipset.

This processor is a quad core processor that uses ARM Cortex A9 architecture. The advantages of this processor is the speed that can be driven up to 3GHz. Previously, ST Ericsson has launched another processor in the last year were able to obtain a speed of 2.5GHz.

With its high speed, battery problem becomes to be aware of. And, it is also a concern of ST Ericsson. They also introduced a FD-SOI manufacturing technology at 28nm processors.

ST Ericsson also use a feature called ModaAp that allows an application to run 35 percent faster. Other features available on these processors include dual cameras up to 20MP, HD Voice, LTE and PowerVR SGZ544 GPU.