Fake Xiaomi phone explosive on shirt pocket

by Rosgani 0


We’ve got the news about the explosion of Xiaomi phone from the user’s pocket, the Xiaomi staff is respond to that accident and give a statement, that’s npt a Xiaomi phone, just a fake Xiaomi phone.

The Xiaomi staff quickly responded, as well as the seller tripartite confirmation has judged that the phone is high imitation counterfeit Xiaomi phone, thats not real Xiaomi phone. But some people suspect that users are exposed to coercion, therefore the Xiaomi undertook a genuine and fake mobile phone comparison report.

This comparison report has been completed now, let us look at the real and fake Xiaomi phone below:
fake-xiaomi-01 fake-xiaomi-02 fake-xiaomi-03 fake-xiaomi-04 fake-xiaomi-05 fake-xiaomi-06 fake-xiaomi-07 fake-xiaomi-08 fake-xiaomi-09 fake-xiaomi-10
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