Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison with another five smartphone devices

by Rosgani 3


Samsung has been release their new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4 which packs with 5 inch screen with 1080P AMOLED display and now we have screen compariosn with another five devices.

And now we have a screen comparison beween Samsung Galaxy S4 with another devices such as:  iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Nokia Lumia 920.

As this year’s new models, the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Xperia Z has more than 400ppi pixel density, while the other combatants have more than 300ppi pixel density, have reached the standard of the Apple retina screen. Effect from the practical point of view, is clearly the best HTC One effect of the highest pixel density with 300ppi.

Text zoom to the extreme, you can see the screen pixel arrangement, Samsung Galaxy S4 PenTile matrix arrangement looked the most comfortable.

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S3

Xperia Z


Lumia 920

iPhone 5

Visibility in brightness and sunshine, although Samsung constantly have the Super AMOLED screen technology, but its brightness is still smaller than the LCD screen brightness is insufficient to lead the Galaxy S4 outdoor glare but the results are not satisfactory, this regard iPhone5 and HTC One of the most satisfactory.

Phone here are good, but the angle, but except for Sony Xpeira Z, in this regard, Sony has been doing is not satisfactory, when we began to tilt Xperia Z, contrast and brightness are degraded rapidly, relatively poor display .

AMOLED screen Samsung Galaxy S4 Galaxy S3 presented in addition to bluish small angles. The iPhone5 and HTC One is very satisfactory, even in the small-angle viewing maintain a more natural color balance.

In terms of color, our favorite iPhone 5 and HTC One. Color of the LCD screen output is closer to the truth, and the vibrant and vivid. Although a little less vigor, but the Nokia Lumia 920 is also quite good. The Sony Xperia Z’s performance can say is not bad, but as we have said, to watch other angles, it is very easy image will lose its vitality.