Short review of Koobee Max Android smartphone

by Rosgani 2

The smartphone manufacturer is always make a big effort to built their products, and today we found a lot of interesting smartphone products out there, but some manufacturer is offers with the higher price.

But now, we want to show you the high-end smartphone which has a good specs but offers with a very affordable price, thats the Koobee MAX Android smartphone.
We’ve ever cover the news about this phone before, Koobee Max is packed with 5 inch screen with 1080p display, and 440 ppi, the screen display is very good. Koobee Max also uses a full lamination technology, the screen looks more transparent. The screen is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 thats protect your phone screen and more secure for your daily life.

Koobee MAX has the good configuration device with only 7.8 mm body thickness, while the other high-end smartphones come with non-removable battery, the Koobee MAX is using removable battery so the user can easily remove the battery by themselves. Here are the specs tabel of Koobee MAX Android smartphone:

Koobee MAX parameters
CPU MT6589 Quad-Core 1.5GHz
8GB support for memory expansion
5.0-inch 1920×1080 resolution full fit
13 million pixels rear +200 megapixel front + LED lights
Operating system
Android 4.2.1
Type of SIM card Dual card-bit standard SIM card + Micro-SIM card
Network mode GSM / WCDMA Dual card dual standby
Body size
2000mAh removable
Product Features Built-in gyroscope, light sensor, gravity sensor, distance sensors,
Compass, Bluetooth 4.0, support MHL video synchronization

The Design

Koobee MAX uses a 5.0-inch 1080p Full HD resolution screen, the screen displays a very high finesse, and the phone using the narrow border design, so the machineis verygreat and overall gives a fine sense of design.


The top of the screen is equipped with a 2 megapixel front-facing camera, with self-timer function, while the handset made of metal, showing a good texture and very solid device to hold.


In the bottom of the screen, there is a three soft button of Android phone, such as menu key, home key and multitasking key to show the open apps.


The top of the left side of the phone has a volume control keys, buttons, plus two bumps, this should be to make us better in peacetime use to confirm key addition and subtraction operation, another cool than MAX All keys are made of aluminum The alloy material to build, work and feel a good performance.


Lock screen button located at the right side of the fuselage, the location is also very reasonable for such a large-screen phone, the lock screen key on both sides of the fuselage also makes mobile phones will be more convenient for one-hand operation.


Micro USB and headphone jack are located on top of the fuselage.


Koobee MAX using IML technology to build and integrate into the brushed stripes back cover is plastic, but brushed stripes texture makes the back cover has been greatly improved, and look better finishing device.


The IML process is the mold inserts, injection molding, which is characterized by a surface layer of hardened transparent film printed pattern layer in the middle, and the back of the plastic layer, the ink caught in the middle, to enable the products to prevent surface scraping and abrasion,that can be long-term to maintain the color of distinctive and not easily fade.

The speakers located on the back bottom right of the body, was relatively low-key style.



Koobee MAX supports for WCDMA / GSM dual card dual standby, two card slots support Micro-SIM card and standard SIM card, while the memory card is support for  hot-swappable feature.

Features UI design

Koobee MAX equipped with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, this device has a lot of optimization system UI, the entire interface and more to their own characteristics, taking into account the ease of use and interface beauty, compared to the native system interface, the author think this better UI changes easier to win the user’s favorite.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测
Unlock main sceen

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测
Setup menu and dial-up interface

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测
Documents and multi-task management

Koobee MAX also joined the scene desktop, open the scene desktop, each menu item made objects in a particular scene, for example, appear in the scene camera, we will be able to click on it to open the camera features, we can in a stereo vision the screen in which to operate, use has become more fun.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

Comprehensive system security protection

Various safety protection in the mobile phone, Koobee MAX also have a very comprehensive performance of the Settings page, click Security Options, we will be able to see the various detailed security settings. This phone also offers more security options and basic options for phone.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

With the growing number of applications in the phone, the phone will automatically receive the notifications push too much useless information will seem very annoying, Koobee MAX to support for anti-virus apps that will protect the phone form vurnerable virus.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

The permissions of the application, we can set that can be described as doing very detailed, we can pass this set to disable the software in the background secretly read our contacts and important information, personal information security can play a very good protection. In addition, mobile phone anti-theft feature is also added to the mobile security protection options, we can turn on this feature, if the phone does not accidentally lost, but also remotely delete data, or even be able to retrieve the phone.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

In addition, the common white and black lists also include security options, we can also be a software lock some of their own privacy software contains password lock, so we sometimes lend your phone to others to play the game or phone when you do not have to worry about some of the privacy issues.

5-inch 1080P screen

Screen configuration of Koobee MAX is very bright, this phone uses a 5.0-inch 1080P screen into a full-fit technology, the screen display finesse and a sense of permeability have good performance, the normal distance the naked eye viewing screen has been completely not see the small pixel, whether it is text or pictures people have a good visual experience, and this screen with a second-generation Corning glass, will screen scratch hardness be guaranteed.

koobee MAX评测

koobee MAX评测

koobee MAX评测

koobee MAX评测

koobee%20MAX%u8BC4%u6D4B koobee MAX评测

koobee MAX评测 koobee MAX评测
Low-angle visual effects

13 million pixel camera

Koobee MAX uses a 13 million pixel main camera with LED flash, the camera interface, the manufacturers also do a lot of improvements, the entire feature-rich and easy-to-use interface, the camera can be set more items, Smart Self-timer in the user the camera when the camera angle sound to alert the user to achieve a good human-computer interaction effect, Smart magic shot is on the background of the passerby erase Both of these features allows the operator to take into account the practical a lot of fun. Here’s a look While this camera’s performance in the actual shooting.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测
Camera mode

Proofs Appreciation

koobee MAX评测
Outdoor shooting proofs

koobee MAX评测
Outdoor shooting proofs

koobee MAX评测
Outdoor shooting proofs

koobee MAX评测
Indoor shooting proofs

koobee MAX评测
Indoor shooting proofs

FromKoobee MAX proofs of view of the actual shooting, While 13 million pixel camera can output fineness very good photos, macro photography can also have a good grasp of the focus performance, performance of the screen there is a certain sense of depth, the overall performance satisfactory. The evaluation of engineering machine, I think While this camera in color reproduction, there are a lot of room for improvement, there will be more optimized version officially on sale in the camera should.

1.5GHz quad-core processor

Koobee MAX equipped with the MT6589 quad-core processor, each core clocked at 1.5GHz, 1GB RAM for the GPU is the PowerVR SGX 544MP, from the the overall configuration point of view, the Koobee MAX has been able to keep up with today’s mainstream quad-core flagship models, the following will take a look at it each software to run sub, we can refer to.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

Antutu Benchmark test of Koobee MAX got 13826 score points, while the other benchmark test got 12320 score points.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

Koobee MAX using the Vellamo benchmark test, the score of HTML5 has got 1285 score points, while using the  Advanced Testing of quadrant got 3264.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

Linpack floating point capability test, Koobee MAX score 40.578/123.294MFLOPS, with 5-point touch screen.

koobee MAX评测koobee MAX评测

Test results from the hardware point of view, the overall performance of the cool than MAX fully meet the day-to-day use, whether it is day-to-day open application or web browser, have a very smooth experience.

Endurance performance

Koobee MAX equipped with a removable 2000mAh battery, the fuselage still be able to control the thickness of 7.8 mm.  Overall, the Koobee MAX endurance performance quite satisfactory, removable battery design also provides a lot of convenience, we can be more prepared to deal with any unexpected a battery.

koobee MAX评测

Evaluation Summary

koobee MAX评测

Cool MAX as a cool handsets are coming main flagship product, its excellent hardware configuration and system optimization so cool to have more competitive differentiation in the market competition, the factory has not been released officially listed for sale price, I believe that this phone if there is a reasonable price, I believe there will be a lot of consumers will recognize this product, like this product, users can look at it to market dynamic.