Video Comparison: Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC One

by Rosgani 1


Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC One are two smartphones that are equally favored its camera capabilities. Lumia 920 running with Windows Phone 8 OS brings with camera technology called PureView camera technology, while HTC One is running with Android Jelly Bean that bring the  UltraPixel camera technology.

In addition to photos, the camera on the smartphone can also be used to record video. Of each camera technology used, which of these smartphones have better video recording? Here is a video recording test between the Nokia Lumia 920 ‘PureView’ with HTC One ‘UltraPixel’ 4MP.

Test video emphasizes the ability stabilizer, image sharpness, focus speed, low-light capture, color saturation, light transitions, audio quality, etc..

Of the test video above, each has advantages smartphone does look different. Of stabilizer capabilities, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) on the Lumia 920 is aesthetically very helpful to make the movement smoother video.

The characteristics of camera color in Lumia 920 is more ‘warm’ with reddish and yellow color while we capture at on daylight. While HTC One emphasizes the ability to capture more light making the image seem brighter and white. Some video capture taken with blazing light, the  Lumia 920 produce more colorize, while the HTC One is more whitening.

For audio testing, HTC video voice recording results is more louder and more stereo than the Lumia 920, especially on the audio recording in crowded conditions.

For video focus feature, HTC One can lock focus more faster than the Lumia 920 which looks ‘a bit confused’ on searchinfocus for both cameras are moved simultaneously. When bright light to dark transitions or vice versa, HTC has a better performance than the Lumia 920 camera. Transition of light in the camera HTC One feels more precise, faster, and smoother.

In the low-light capture with candle light objects, HTC One is able to capture a wider light so that objects remain visible around the candle. Caught fire color also looks more constant. While on the Lumia 920, the occasional color that caught fire turned into a bit of a purple color like the flare effect.

Once again, these two smartphones have their respective advantages. For those who like to record the handheld, the Lumia 920 is more favored because of its features OIS is very helpful. While HTC One has the ability to maximize the light entering the camera.