Luxurious Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone with gold plated body

by Rosgani 0

Samsung Luxurious

A smartphone with many fancy designs currently on the market. Whether the smartphone is indeed a luxurious smartphone or popular smartphone with a special design. Some popular smartphone redesigned with a luxurious look of them is iPhone, BlackBerry and most recently Q10 and now the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The company called Goldgenie have just released the Samsung Galaxy S4 with luxury design. To enhance the look of the smartphone, Goldgenie also use gold as a coating. Not only that, they also provide a similar smartphone with fancy designs using platinum.

Regarding the price, of course, do not compare it with luxury smartphone Galaxy S4 usual. For the quad-core version, the Goldgenie has offers the special luxurious Galaxy S4 for 1700 pounds, equivalent to $2500 USD.