Leaked picture of iPhone 5C

by Rosgani 0


Apple is ready to released the new iPhone, and there is a leaked picture of budget-iPhone spread on the net. Now we have a dozens picture of budget-iPhone or also known as iPhone 5C.

This phone is built with shiny plastic case with few color, and we have a leaked white color iPhone 5C. This new Apple iPhone is look more good looking design since has a rounded corner, here are the leaked picture of iPhone 5C :

25545_20902_1_mid 25545_20902_2_mid 25545_20902_3_mid 25545_20902_4_mid 25545_20903_1_mid 25545_20903_2_mid 25545_20903_3_mid 25545_20903_4_mid 25545_20904_1_mid 25545_20904_2_mid