OnePlus One hit with criticism after asking users to smash competing cellphones

by Frank Tu 0

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OnePlus, a subsidiary of Oppo Electronics has recently unveiled its powerful new “One” smartphone. The Chinese OEM also revealed a controversial marketing strategy which is being criticized heavily by many in the smartphone world.

The campaign is a challenge, for users to literally smash competing high-end smartphones. OnePlus has dared owners to “smash” their current device in hopes of replacing it with the new One. Only the first 100 challengers will win One.

OnePlus released a generous list of premium smartphones which are eligible for obliteration in the “smash challenge.” These include; Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, Galaxy Note 2/3, iPhone 5/5c /5s, LG Nexus 5/G Flex/G Pro2/G2, Noxia Lumia 925/920/1020/1520, Motorola Moto X, HTC One/One Max/M7/M8, Sony Xperia Z Ultra/Z/Z1 and Z2.

Only users from the following countries are eligible: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spaid, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong SAR China and Taiwan.

Opposition to the campaign was forthcoming from people and groups opposed to the haphazard destruction of functioning high tech equipment. The rare earth metals which are essential to making smartphones have high social and environmental costs of extraction. Android Central made the simple suggestion that the phones be donated rather than destroyed, OnePlus has since May 2nd made that an option for winners. The donations will be given to MedicMobile.

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