Strong processor in new Meizu flagship MX4

by Frank Tu 1


J.Wong thinks that the Qualcomm processor is not up to his demand. New Meizu was not introduces for a long time. Because the performance doesn’t meet the requirments. But he stills want to launch the MX4.  As similar to iPhone 5s has also provided fingerprint indentification,Huang Zhang has also  established it. J.Wong has discussed in the forum and confirmed that MX4 has new flagship processor, earlier Galaxy s5 has determined to launch, it has the eight-core Exynos 5430,

Processor is still awful strong, and the Constitutional Cortex-A15 core (clocked 2.1GH) and 4 Cortex-A7 (clocked 1.5GHz), GPU some African countries ARM series T6XX 4, especially core unclear, clocked to 600MHz, in addition to support for video playback 8K UHD (axis hardware decoding), and the processor in addition to providing a co-processor “World Union,” wrote the secret audio decoding and an equal voice.

In addition, exposure, location XMM7260 LTE baseband processor Intel constitution of the state of affairs in the international version. Before Meizu lensman Daniel – WOOOO World Health Organization stone looks MX4 – breaking news in the forum, MX4 seem higher than Apple iPhone6.  Before J.Wong Meizu revealed that in addition to the new master with five.5 inch screen, 2560 × 1536 pixels resolution.

It is really fascinating to think what new feature MX4 will have?