The newest member of the Huawei Honor family runs on an octa-core chipset, Mali-T624 GPU, which 3GB RAM and 16GB storage space

by Frank Tu 0

Recently, weibo user @建华Wei业showed photos in his account of what is supposed to be the new flagship of Huawei’s Honor series. Based on the photos, it seems to have a resemblance to older phones, especially if you look at it from the side where it looks like a copy of the Ascend P1, but the camera is not indented.

Huawei might skip naming it the Honor 4, instead calling it the Honor 6. If so, then the one in the photos may be an earlier design, which adds the possibility that some changes may have been done.

This phone has a 5-inch FHD touch-screen and runs on the Haisi Kirin 920 octa-core chipset with a main frequency of 1.3GHz. Its GPU is the Mali-T624 and has a built-in memory of 3GB RAM and 16GB memory space. It also has a 5mP front camera and a 13mP rear camera.

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