Huawei Honor 6 vs OnePlus One: Chinese Giant vs Chinese Startup in the U.S.

by Frank Tu 2


The Huawei Honor 6 is out in July and is close in spec to the OnePlus One. These two flagship phones are about to go head to head and it will be interesting to see how the Huawei fares against the Flagship Killer. The smartphones themselves are pretty closely matched, it is most likely the design of the devices and the ease of purchase that could win the competition for either company. Huawei is a giant in the field and OnePlus is trying to spoil the party, but at the moment it is busy enough trying not to spoil its own.

oneplus one oppomart

There aren’t many differences in spec between the phones. The Huawei has an octa-core processor, HiSilicon Kirin 920 chipset, whereas the OnePlus One has a quad-core, Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801, giving the Huawei the edge as regards CPU power. The internal memory differs slightly too, although both have 3GB RAM the two versions of the Honor 6 available have 16 or 32 GB whereas the OnePlus is available in 16 or 64 GB. Notably however, the Huawei is the only one that supports MicroSD so that the memory can be expanded. Another difference is the 4G bandwidth frequency, with the OnePlus One having the broadest coverage, important for those who use their phones regularly outside of wi-fi coverage. The phones share camera specifications, both having a 13MP rear camera and a 5 MP front shooter. The display is almost identical, with both devices having IPS LCD screens at 1080 x 1920, although the screen is smaller on the Honor 6 so the pixel ratio is 445 compared with the OnePlus One’s 401, and the OnePlus is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass whereas the Honor 6 is not. The battery power is identical also, with both handsets having a 3100mAh battery.

Huawei Honor 6

For many, the main difference is all about the style of the smartphones. The Honor 6 is smaller and reasonably good-looking but it is the OnePlus that is the superstar here. It is bigger and better-built and very well designed, and most importantly it is the one all the hype has been about. Public opinion has been almost unanimous as to the performance and design of the OnePlus, and while people have been very interested to see the Honor 6, it is certainly considered unfavourably in terms of looks and design.

The practicality is another huge difference. At the moment, OnePlus can’t actually get you a OnePlus One (although it is available at Oppomart), and where more people may well consider this to be the best option for them, will the patience wear thin while waiting? It is Huawei’s size as a company here that gives it the capability to meet demand even if the company being more mainstream and already established costs them some cool credentials. The OnePlus One is struggling because it has been made by a startup, and the production problems have come about because of the need for caution when establishing a new product in such a hugely competitive area. OnePlus are certainly guilty of massively underestimating demand and this may prove crucial to their success here, if they take too much longer to get the phone to the people who want to buy it they will lose the faith of their loyal supporters and sales are bound to suffer as a result.

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