Another Assassin’s Mace of Xiaomi MI 4 Disclosed!

by Frank Tu 2

A week before the product launch, details about MI 4 continues to be exposed. @C Technology just reveals in Weibo, that MI 4 will be integrated with fingerprint identification function, which in design works by sensing a finger’s touch (not by sensing a finger’s movement, which is used in Galaxy S5). It can go into different functions according to gathered fingerprint information, entering main interface by default.

Nevertheless, the question is where the fingerprint identification function will be placed in Xiaomi Mi4?

As is disclosed in previous spy photos (relatively with a high liability), MI 4 has a mainstream design, that is a front-panel display with 3 navigation bottoms below. There is no indication that MI 4 is able to carry the fingerprint identification function. However, what if such function is to be designed at on the backside? With reference to existing models, such design has little practicability, and that’s more to do with stunts.

Thus, MI 4 with a fingerprint identification function still puts a huge question mark.

As for the specific configuration, in summary, MI 4, running  MIUI V6 system, is expected to adopt a 5-inch 1080P screen, along with Snapdrago 801 processor(MSM8974AC), 3-GB Built-in Memory, and 5-million-pixels front camera and 5-million-pixels front camera and 13-million-pixels rear camera.

The change in appearance is one of its attractions: ultra-narrow border and joined metal material help to enhance the quality of visual impact. Besides, the anticipated production capacity will increase a lot more, compared with before. When it comes to the selling price, it is said to be as high as 2499RMB($400). How much do you think?