This phone scored 44785 in the Antutu test. Is it the Coolpad Dashen F2?

by Frank Tu 0

A few days ago, a photo was leaked that showed the Antutu benchmark results of a mysterious new cell phone by Coolpad whose score surpassed the Mi4 with 44785. The phone’s model number appears to be 8xxx (the numbers are blurred). Sources say that this phone is none other than the Coolpad Dashen F2, and that it uses MediaTek’s newest 4G octa-core chipset, the MT6595, and supports dual-SIM card. No release date has been announced but it should come out very soon.

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This phone uses the new Cool UI 5.7. The biggest change is that Coolpad removed the Level-2 user interface and that all the apps will be put in a Level-1 interface and they should be easier to manage now.

In addition, another photo was leaked featuring the benchmark test results of new phone. This time, it scored 31867 which is not as great as the last one but is still pretty good.

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The other day, a new 4G TD-LTE cell phone from Coolpad received certification from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and was listed in its website. This phone’s model number is “Coolpad 8675-HD” which should be this new phone.

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