The Xiaomi Mi 5 is already in its second stage of production

by Frank Tu 2

With the Xiaomi Mi 4 finally released, how long until we see the Mi 5?


According to Lei Jun, the production for the Mi 4 went on for more than 18 months and 6 prototypes were made. It was already in its development stage at the time of the release of the Mi 3 (September 26). Assuming Xiaomi is following the same schedule with the Mi 5, then, it must have been in development already at the time of the Mi 4’s launch.


This afternoon Wang Yang, the Chinese studies chief-inspector of iSuppli Corp. said that the Mi 5 is already at the P2 stage of production. This means that the second prototype is already done, implying that the Mi 5’s design has been finalized. So far, the production of the Mi 5 is going faster than the Mi 4’s. How soon will we get our first glimpse of it?s_2c61a214300b4dd59bb1fa6e3d427313 s_6d2d430c7f22490cb341187a7b1af274