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The 6 Features You Need To Know About Kingsing S2

by Shine Wong 6

Kingsing S2

Kingsing S2 is really a nice clone of LG G3, it’s a mini version LG G3 phone: bright and clear display, great hand-feeling, narrow bezel and more. We got the sample phone a few days ago from Kingsing, and here is our hands on video. After some days using, there’s some special features here to tell you all about it.

At first, here is the Kingsing S2 hands-on video:

1. Narrow Bezel

Kingsing S2 has a 5-inch screen with slim bezel, the body wide is only 69mm, it’s good size for your palm. You may touch whole screen by your thumb.

2. Heart Rate Monitor

It’s new feature first used on Samsung Galaxy S5, and it is added on Kingsing S2 now. Place your finger on the heart rate sensor, which can be found on the back of the phone, beside the camera, the screen will display your heart rate in a minute when launching the “Heart Rate” app.

3. Air Gestures (Included Air Call-accept)

Air Gestures will let you navigate by waving your hand. Instead of swiping your finger from picture to picture in your gallery, you can wave your hand instead. You can even answer your phone without picking it up. You will find quick on/off toggles for both Air View and Air Gestures in your notification pull down, but you might need to fine tune the settings a little.

Kingsing S2

4. Double click to turn on/off display

Just double click on the touch screen, the screen will turn on or off without power button.

5. Hold Volume button to quick launch camera

Sometimes, when find some interesting things and want to take a picture via your phone, but you will miss it when you pull out your phone, then turn on the screen, unlocked it and launch camera app. Kingsing S2 has a new feature make it faster. You just hold the Volume “-” button for 3 seconds when your phone’s screen is off, the phone’s rear camera will get a picture automatically.

6. MTK Hotknot

Hotknot is new MediaTek’s new technology, which transmits data through projected capacitive touch panels. What NFC can do, Hotknot can also do.

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  • zoltek

    Looks beautiful!Do you have information about release date?

    • Kingsing S2 is available on some online shop.

      • ChinaTechy

        Have you used the phone to see if it has any bugs?

  • Markoff

    real photos would be nice if you really have to photos and you re not just translating Cn articles and photoshopping photos as you do usually

    otherwise I call BS on this:
    1. 69mm for 5″ ain’t anything special, my wife has TCL S950 (Idol X) with 5″ FHD display which has really thin bezel and body 67.5mm, but still not as photoshopped pictures you posted, same with Jiayu S2 which is same width 67.5mm so please real pictures and not these renders with fake bezel of wider 69mm phone

    2. heart rate monitor OK, but probbaly as accurate as any camera using free apps on any phone

    3-5. available for any phone, just install the proper app, double tap for example directly in Apex Launcher or GravityBox (Xposed)

  • whatever


  • simulacrux

    same size of Galaxy s4. very bad screen problems. I have one and it is not worth 120boxes.