The Meizu MX 4 retains round “Home” button and has fingerprint scanner

by Frank Tu 0

The Meizu MX 4 is one of the most anticipated Chinese smart phones this year and for the first time, we get to see how it looks like. Early today, a Weibo user sent out photos and a description of the MX 4’s display screen was released and was compared with the MX 3’s. The source seems very reliable. The MX 4 is reported to be bigger than the MX 3. The round home button is still there but the back has a fingerprint recognition feature.


According to the Weibo user, the MX 4’s display screen is bigger than the MX 3’s and has good texture. It is probably 5.2 inches. The back of the phone has a sensor for fingerprint recognition. Furthermore, the MX 4’s frame is narrower than the MX 3 with a bigger screen ratio.


As for hardware, many predict that the MX 4 will sport a 5.2-inch display screen with 2560 x 1536 resolution and 15:9 screen ratio. It is also predicted to use the MT6595 octa-core chipset or the Samsung Exynos 5433, have 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM, and a 8mp/20.7mp camera with 4K video recording. It is also purported to support TD-LTE/FDD-LTE 4G and to have the Flyme 4.0 as its operating system.


Reports say that later this year, Meizu will release more than four products, one of which is the MX 4 high-end edition which has fingerprint recognition. It is estimated to cost more than 2499 RMB (405.87 USD) and will be launched in September.22_1407462508.jpg_600x600 16_1407462508.jpg_600x600 75_1407462507.jpg_600x600 38_1407462506.jpg_600x600 81_1407462505.jpg_600x600 45_1407462505.jpg_600x600