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My Onda Tablet is Pregnant!

by Frank Tu 4

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When I wake up in the morning I found My Onda V711 tablet is splitting!!!!!! And the battery inside is becoming bigger and bigger! I’m not sure if it will explode any time, so I called Onda’s customer services number, and no one is answering!

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  • bhendrajana

    Bloody hell….!!!

  • Get it out of your house IMMEDIATELY! I have a lot of experience with LiPo cells from RC cars and planes. The maximum is reached for this cell. It is at an extremely dangerous state and can burst any time. If this happens it will first start smoking like hell and then can pull out flames up to 2m high. I am not joking, LiPo cells are no toys!

    • Fabio Amodei

      yeah metals can be pretty frightening when they light up, remove the battery immediately and dispose of it!

      tablet batteries are dirty cheap btw that’s why this happens, the good thing is that u can also buy a replacement for cheap…. get a new one and solder it on the mobo, a 7″ battery pack should be less than 10 bucks shipped.

      • Actually these batteries are not that cheap. They often use cells that even have international certification. The problem is that some cells always have manufacturing errors. This can happen to any cell from any manufacturer. Not necessarily the fault of Onda.