Prices for Meizu MX4 revealed: 2499 RMB (406.77 USD), 2699 RMB (439.33 USD), 2999 RMB (488.16 USD), and 3099 RMB (504.44 USD)

by Frank Tu 1

As the launch of Meizu’s new dream flagship phone, the MX4, approaches, more photos and information about the phone have been released online. Today, a Weibo user discovered information on the MX4’s prices in its test webpage.


As the photo of the site below shows, Meizu may sell the MX4 at four different prices, 2499 RMB, 2699 RMB, 2999 RMB, and 3099 RMB. The 2499 RMB cost is probably for the 16GB version while the 3099 RMB cost might be for the rumoured MX Pro high-end edition.


It had been previously reported that the 16GB edition would be sold for 2499 RMB like the MX3 which was sold last year.

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