New photo of Huawei Mate 7 shows that its frame is not as narrow as we thought

by Frank Tu 0

From the photo leaked yesterday, the Huawei Mate 7 looks like it sports a very narrow frame, probably narrower than the MX4’s. This could probably be the thinnest cellphone frame in the Chinese industry right now. However, a new phone was leaked this morning and it looks like the Mate 7’s frame is not that narrow. As the photo shows, the Mate 7’s screen is surrounded by a round black ring. Outside of that is the frame. So, it turns out that this phone’s frame is not as narrow as we thought. It looks like Huawei has used a pretty good eye trick.


Unfortunately, yesterday, it was revealed that the high-end edition of the Mate 7 will still use a display screen with 1080p, not 2K. However, its RAM and ROM were increased to 3GB and 32GB respectively.


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