Mlais MX50 3G smartwatch to be sold on September 2 for 666 RMB (108.33 USD)

by Frank Tu 0

Recently, in response to Samsung’s Gear S 3G smartwatch, Mlais launched its own flagship 3G smartwatch, the MX50, which people can use to make phone calls and surf the net.


The MX50’s features almost rival those of a regular smartphone. It supports China Unicom 3G SIM card (WCDMA) and GSM card. It also supports 3G internet and direct dial. It can also serve as a cellphone accessory by letting users synchronize information in both devices. It also supports WIFI, GPS, Blue Ray, etc. Its OS is the Android 4.04 which can be downloaded separately.


Like the majority of Chinese 2G phones right now, the Mlais MX50 uses a processor from MTK. In this case, it’s the 1GHz MTK6577 dual-core chipset. It sports a 1.54 IPS screen with 240 x 240 resolution and has 512M RAM and 4G ROM (supports memory card). It also has a 2mp camera and is powered by a 700mAh battery.


The Mlais MX50 will hit the market on September 2 and cost 666 RMB.


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