Over 4 million pre-orders for Meizu MX4 made just 72 hours after its launch

by Frank Tu 0

Everyone has had their eyes fixed towards the Meizu MX4 ever since it was launched. Today, 今天@ posted all kinds of data about Meizu’s new flagship phone such as links to threads discussing the Meizu MX4 and the number of pre-orders made. According to him, over 4 million pre-orders for the MX4 were made just 72 hours since it was launched. Threads about the MX4’s launch in Weibo have also received over 700,000,000 hits.


The number of members in Meizu’s official forums also grew by over 1500 from September 2-4. From September 2-3, more than 1.64 million searched for the MX4 in Baidu.