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Just a week since its launch, over 4 million pre-orders for the Meizu MX4 made

by Frank Tu 2

As they continue to compete with Xiaomi, Meizu has proudly announced on the main page of their website that more than 10 million pre-orders for the Meizu MX4 have been made.


The Meizu MX4 has taken the entire industry by storm. Just 72 hours after its launch, about 4 million pre-orders were made. This grew to 7.7 million after 10 days. Now, just one week later, it has broken a record once again.


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  • amirexpressir

    great price plus great specs, wins them all

    hope meizu will be a winner and never confronted low /no stock

  • Ashoaib

    thats even better than iphone