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The Coolpad Y1 sports a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 960 x 540 which is not much but should do. It also uses the Snapdragon 410 processor which is also not bad. Users should have no problem using this phone for many everyday tasks.













The Coolpad Y1 is designed like most of Coolpad’s phones. The phone’s 5mp front camera is very useful for taking selfies. It also has a built-in beauty enhancement feature. As a result, taking selfies should be absolutely no problem. This should not be surprising as Coolpad has been recently releasing smartphones that work well with taking selfie shots.

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The buttons at the bottom of the phone are designed just like Coolpad’s other phones. The HOME and BACK buttons are laid from left to right. There are no lights behind the buttons, making it hard for people to use the phone at night. When you press the buttons, the phone vibrates. This helps users avoid situations where they accidentally press the buttons.













The Y1 is completely white front and back. The back of the phone does not have a lot of extra features. It is very clean and simple. The phone’s 13mp back camera is located at the top part of the phone, and beside it is an LED light which automatically flashes when taking photos in dark places.













The Coolpad Y1 is NFC-supported. There is also a speaker at the bottom part of the back. Above is a China Telecom 4G logo.













Located at the bottom of the phone are a data port and a 3.5mm earphone jack. The phone’s body is very neat and clean. There are also the metal frames. Overall, this phone looks more fashionable than other devices in the thousand-plus price range.

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This phone supports the China Telecom 4G network but does not support single-SIM. It also supports memory cards (up to 32GB at most).













The Coolpad Y1 also has a 2500mAh detachable battery that can last for about a day and a half whether you are making calls, playing games, or watching videos on your phone. Because this phone sports a 5.5-inch screen, it has a bigger body making it hard for the owner to use the phone with one hand. Nevertheless, the screen has great quality.

The Cool UI 5.5 OS is easy to use


       The Coolpad Y1’s operating system is the Cool UI 5.5 which is based on the Android 4.4.4. It has a neater and simpler interface with many functions that should be good for everyday use. It is a more individualized and practical OS.

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The screenshots of the Y1’s OS (above) show that the interface is more organized. It supports features such as file folders as well as App managers.

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The Y1’s multi-tasking backdrop uses a “card-style” design. This makes it easier to manage the tabs on the backdrop. Click the “small broom” icon at the button to close all the apps that are open.

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The Coolpad Y1 sports a 13mp main camera which is very common among Android smartphones today. This phone also supports programs such as HDR, beauty enhancement, etc. Name it and it is all there. The following photos were taken using the Coolpad Y1’s camera.

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Not bad, right?

The usefulness of the Snapdragon 410 chipset


This section is about any performance issues the Y1 faces. Its processor is the 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 410 quad-core chipset. It also has 1GB RAM which is standard among smartphones in the thousands range. So, how does it fare when it comes to performance? Below are its results from the Antutu benchmark test.

003262378 003262379



















































The Antutu test encompasses memory performance, CPU performance, 2D/3D graphic performance, etc., making an evaluation of the phone’s overall hardware. The Coolpad Y1’s score in the Antutu test is 18402 which is acceptable.

















The NenaMark is a tool that tests GPU processor performance in Android smartphone. It evaluates graphic performance through video demos. The NenaMark 2 is suitable for Android devices that use the PowerVr SGX 540 GPU and above. In the end, the Y1’s score in Nenamark test was 59.8fps which is also fine. It should be enough for users to play most cellphone games on the Y1.

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Speaking of gaming, the Snapdragon 410 provides a good gaming performance. There is not freezing or such.

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As for videos, the phone’s built-in video player supports the most common video formats. What is even more convenient is that you can create a separate window for the video you are playing. That way, even when you are surfing the net or texting someone, you can still watch your videos.
















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