Galaz Noah released: China’s first 3D naked eye tablet!

by Frank Tu 1

Today, Galaz released its new products for the fall season including China’s first naked eye 3D tablet, the Galaz Noah which will come out in November.


The Noah sports a golden 8.4-inch screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution. The Noah naked eye 3D tablet uses Galaz’s own 3D API engine. Its game source code does not have to be fixed most of the time. Its 3D processing chip supports screens with resolutions up to 4K and has 256MB RAM.

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Right now, 4K decoders are a must for tablets and Galaz knows this. The Noah 3D naked eye tablet supports the [email protected] HDMI2.0 output as well as the [email protected] H.265 codec. This lets the Noah provide UltraHD graphics. Its processor is the Rockchips RK3288 quad-core processor which scored 400000000 points at the Antutu test.


As for this tablet’s other specs, it sports a 5mp/8mp HD dual-camera, as well as a 5GHz + 2.4GHz dual-frequency WiFi cable. It also has 2GB/4GB RAM making it the first Chinese tablet to do so.


The Noah 3D comes in black and blue. The 16GB/Wifi version costs 1499 RMB (244.58 USD) while the 64GB/Wifi costs 1999 RMB (326.15 USD). Pre-orders will be accepted on November 15. An LTE-4G version will later be released.

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