Noain M6 with Naked Eye 3D screen hits market

by Frank Tu 0

Noain might be one of the most easily mistaken brands there is due to people mixing it up with Nokia, but it has managed to make a name for itself due to its name.


A few days ago, a new version of the Noain M6 went hit the market. This version is an octa-core cellphone that has the Naked Eye 3D feature.1-140Q31441241E


The Noain M6 uses the 1.7GHz MT6592H octa-core chipset which supports TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/GSM internet. It also supports dual-3G networks. It has a nano card slot and a Micro SIM slot as well. It also has a built in RAM of 2GB and 32GB ROM (expandable). Its camera specs are not bad either. It sports an 8mp/13mp camera and is powered by a 2500mAh battery. It has a gyroscope and electric compass feature. Its OS is the Android 4.2.


The most important thing about this phone is its Naked Eye 3D function. The M6 sports a 5.5-inch Naked Eye 3D LCD screen with 1080p resolution. Users can watch 3D videos, look at 3D photos, play 3D games, etc.


The Noain M6 costs 1969 RMB (319.98 USD).