Huawei Mate7 vs iPhone5s: camera shot comparison

by Frank Tu 0


The version of Huawei Mate7 I got is Chinamobile’s TD LTE c5608a82b9014a90d3ad71bfaa773912b21bee9c

Huawei Mate7’s USB charger and USD cable is the same as Huawei honor x1 and Huawei Honor 6

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The above photo is taken by iPhone5s the blow one is taken by Huawei Mate7. From these 2 pictures above, both of then looked alike, alomost the same. Let’s see what will happen if I enlarge these photos.


f682e0fe9925bc31eb1e329a5ddf8db1ca1370ec.jpgHuawei Mate7’s photo became obscure. But does Huawei’s sony IMX214 13 megapixel camera really shows worse performance than iPhone 5s’ 8 megapixel isight camera? Huawei is kidding consumers all over the world like wat they did with Huawei Honor x1 again? Ijust found I there is something wrong when focusing made the photo bacame fuzzy.

444af8dcd100baa1108978b94410b912c9fc2e86.jpg I took another photo with Huawei Mate7, it is as good as iPhone5s’ now.