Xiaomi Mi4 vs Oppo Find 7: Fast charging speed comparison

by Frank Tu 9



Xiaomi’s CEO Leijung claimed Xiaomi Mi4 is a fast charging device, but Oppo find 7 was come with this feature half an year ago, let’s have a Xiaomi Mi4 vs Oppo Find 7: Fast charging speed comparison.


Xiaomi Mi4’s charger’a Amp rating is 5V-2A、9V-1.2A、12V-1A, specially designed for Xiaomi Mi4


While Oppo find 7  can output 4.5 Amps – more than double the typical amperage, and the  4.5 Amp charger isn’t the only thing to thank,  as in fact, a large portion of the impressive fast-charging skills of the Oppo Find 7 lie in its battery.

003216147_副本And there is a change when it comes to Oppo Find7’s microUSB connector, and that is the inclusion of seven pins, as opposed to the five pins that you’d get with a typical microUSB connector. The two extra pins do contribute to let the batterry to absorb more power at the same time.


Let’s plug both of the device into the USB charger, they all have zero power at this moment.

003216139_副本After 10 minutes, Oppo Find 7 had been charged to 24%, while Xiaomi Mi4 is 11%.

003216140_副本10 more minutes later, Oppo Find 7 had been charged to 55%, while Xiaomi Mi4 is 21%.


10 more minutes later, Oppo Find 7 had been charged to 69%, while Xiaomi Mi4 is 28%.

003216142_副本50 minutes later, Oppo find7 had been charged to 99%. Find 7 achieved a full charge in 1 hour and 20 minutes. But at this moment, Xiaomi Mi4 had only been charged to 73 %.

003216143_副本23 minutes later, Xiaomi Mi4 achieved a full charge, Xiaomi Mi4 spent 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Why Oppo Find7 can charge so fast? That’s because Oppo Find 7′s VOOC fast charging system has it’s own 16 patents. No wonder Oppo Find 7 is still oerpriced, you need to pay for intellectual property.

In the end, do you know Xiaomi Mi4 and Oppo Find 7 is not the only 2 device that have fast charging feature? Nexus5, iPhone5, iPhone5c, iPhone5s also have this feature, do you know any other device that has this feature? Let us know in the comment bellow.