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Why Meizu MX4’s international price is higher than in China

by Frank Tu 9

Meizu MX4 Pre-Orders

Meizu unveiled the Meizu MX4 flagship earlier this month to rival Xiaomi’s Mi4. The company made sure that its device was better or atleast at par with Mi4 in terms of specifications as well as pricing. In fact, when Meizu MX4 went up for pre-order, we were all surprised to see that the company priced it much lesser than Xiaomi’s flagship.

MX4 was available for $293 for the 16 GB, $325 for the 32 GB, and $390 for the 64 GB, which is around $10-$20 less than you’ll have to pay for the Mi4. The only major difference between the two handsets was the extra gig of RAM and the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor on the Xiaomi Mi4. Rest of the specs were more or less the same.

This was the pricing for the home market, i.e. China. But when it came to the international market, the MX4 costs a lot higher. Each MX4 storage variant was almost $100 more than what it was priced for the Chinese market, which surprised us all. For example, Meizu MX4 is available for $450 on GearBest for the 16GB variant. The 32 GB variant costs even more and is priced at $489.

Clearly, there’s a significant difference between the two prices. So, we made a little inquiry from our side to see why there’s such a difference between the home pricing and the international pricing.

After our investigation, we came to know that Meizu has priced the MX4 higher for international resellers, Meizu knows people out of China who want this phone are willing to pay more. which means international customers have to pay more to pre-order the device.

So, what you can get for around $350 in China, you’ll have to pay around $450 if you want it in an international market. However, there’s another twist. The company says that the MX4 international price includes shipping and import taxes in certain areas like Europe, North America, Asia and New Zealand. So, naturally this translates into a higher pricetag for international customers.

But even at this price, MX4 is a great buy. Most of the flagships available in international markets are priced well above $600, which makes this device with such specifications and features a value for money proposition.

So would you buy the new MX4 at $450 or would you choose any other device?



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  • joe

    $450 is too expensive I can buy a samsung galaxy s5 or an lg g3 for about $550 brand new.

    • Dude, seriously where can u find a brand new G3 for $550?

      • Joe is not telling the truth

        • joe

          I literally posted a link to a site I can buy an lg g3 for $539 yesterday but the mod deleted it.

  • Alexander Pedersen

    So how exactly does the “include taxes” work? I have never experienced that I can pre-pay the taxes on something I buy online from another country. Has anyone else experienced it?? Maybe something to follow up on.

  • Seth Alpine

    The Meizu pretend that the french version was LTE-Advanced, compared to the China version, but it doesn’t have all the band currently use in our country 350€ for the 32Go§ What a pity…a LG G3 is now at 400€ with all the bands….

  • nick t

    thats bull, when i buy something, i have to pay the import taxes, not Meizu

  • play store can work?

  • Max

    Interesting thing is what – Chinese version is almost same as International (excluding some radio bands. in Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, UK – you will not feel the difference, I have tried it by myself).
    So do not be fullish – do not pay more for international version 😉