Vivo X7 and Oppo R7 To Be Among The First MT6795 Phones till now

by Frank Tu 0

Constant innovation can be seen in the ever growing mobile market with huge manufacturers, such as Qualcomm and Samsung being on the forefront with their powerful OctaCore chipsets. However, MediaTek is aiming at the high-end mobile marketplace, releasing their own OctaCore devices and by launching the MT6795 high-performance processor. While former MTK chipsets, including the MT6595 and the MT6752 are already featured on a number of 3000 mid level models, the new MT6795 will help MTK reach the high end mobile market once again.

MediaTek MT6795 Phones HTC One E9


One of the first MT6795 phones to feature the OctaCore processor that will hit both the worldwide and the Chinese mobile markets is the HTC E9. Featuring a QuadHD 5.5 inch screen, the device will harness the power of the processor with the help of 3GB of RAM. Delivering a seamless end-user experience, HTC E9 will have as much as 32 GB of internal memory and will be running the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop mobile operating system. Compared to its cheaper sibling, the HTC M9, the device holds up pretty good and being priced at 2999 yuan it has quite the competitive edge.

MediaTek MT6795 Phones LeTV X600

LeTV X600

Another one of the MT6795 phones that will feature the 2.2GHz OctaCore processor is the LeTV X600. Running Android 5.0 Lollipop, the smartphone will feature a 5.5 Full HD 1080p screen, 16 GB of internal storage and as much as 2GB of RAM. Supporting 4G, the price is currently unknown. However, according to speculation, the LeTV X600 will hit the market anywhere between 999 and 1999 yuan.

MediaTek MT6795 Phones Vivo X7

Vivo X7

A number of rumors have hit the web, regarding the upcoming successor of the Vivo X5. While little is currently certain, regarding the Vivo X7, the device is said to feature the latest MTK OctaCore MT6795 processor. According to insiders, the new high-performance chip will result in a faster device that is able to compete on the high-end mobile market.

MediaTek MT6795 Phones Oppo R7


Quite infamous on the Chinese mobile market, OPPO is becoming a staple of Chinese mobile manufacturers. According to industry sources, the latest flagship from the company, the OPPO R7, will feature a 20.7 MP camera and the device will be a MT6795 Phone, featuring the OctaCore processor, resulting in a powerful multimedia smartphone.

MediaTek MT6795 Phones Meizu Mx4

Meizu MX4

During the Mobile World Congress, the MT6795 OctaCore processor was unveiled to the public via an upgraded version of the Meizu MX4. Breaking the late launch tradition of Meizu, the new MX4 is said to be released in the second quarter of this year, transitioning to a full 64-bit architecture with the help of the MT6795 and Xiaolong 810. This will result in a faster Meizu MX4 flagship, not only delivering better photos, but an overall greater mobile multimedia experience. Furthemore, running the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop, the new Meizu MX4 will be able to fully take advantage of its hardware, resulting in an amazing mid-range 64-bit flagship.

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