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A sneak peek of LeTV’s latest powerhouse Smartphones!

by Joe 6

LeTV, the Netflix of China, has brought us breathtaking dramas, such as ‘The Four’ and ‘City of Angels’, and it now presents us with a new lineup of super Smartphones! Although LeTV is a new player to the market, it is no amateur.

Earlier leaks have wowed us with robust specs of its flagships, which are LeTV X900 and a slightly lower end, LeTV X600.
The LeTV X900 is among the top tier of Smartphones, which features a powerful octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, with 4GB RAM under the hood. Its Chipset is the latest and the most powerful of the Qualcomm’s 800 series. It also features a whopping 20.7 million pixels rear and a 4MP front camera. The sleek bezel-less display is 5.5 inches with a glorified 2K resolution.
On the contrary, the LeTV X600 is powered by the MT6795, which also contains an octa-core processor armed with a 5.5 inch screen, but with 1080 pixel display. When it comes to camera resolutions, this flagship is still high end, with a 13 million pixels rear and a 5MP front camera.

According to the latest buzz, the affordable X600 would be priced around 1500 – 2000 Yuan while the premium version might have a price tag of 2500 Yuan. These powerful babies are set to be released on April 14th in Beijing.






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  • did4skalia

    1) So no buttons under screen but at screen?
    2) X600 for 1500 – 2000? Meh- that’s right: 160$ from beginning was too optimistic :/

  • It may be truly bezelless technically speaking (all glass from side to side), but there’s still a black border behind the glass that’s so big you can mistaken it for a miniature tablet

  • Monotrema

    Nubia Z9 or Oppo R7 are bezel-less.

    • Shanos

      Yes your right for a true bezel-less phone you will be wanting to pick up the Z9 or the R7 or if you have deep pockets the S6.
      Hopefully whilst not being truly bezel free the LeTV will look good in the hand and be offered at much lower prices than the other two phones.
      Its a great time to be buying a China phone, the quality and choice keeps getting better and the prices keep going down!

  • Ananymous

    My LG G3 is lot better than this.. also why we keep forgetting the gorgeous SHARP AQUOS series .. man are they sexy or wht… this is crap in front of it… Grow up LEtv …

    • xi7

      LG G3 32bits cpu …. maybe 30k antutu ? lol…… really is lot garbage than this …2 chip 4g lte ? lol…..