No.1 G2 vs Omate Racer: Initial comparison

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no.1 g2 vs omate racer

We are flooded with a number of new announcements this week from well known as well as small manufacturers at CES 2015. At the event, Omate, the relatively new company expanded its smartwatch range with two new watches. Today, we’ll compare the cheapest watch of the two, the Omate Racer which will reportedly be available to pre-order for $100 till January 15 (after which the price will increase to $130). So we decided to compare this new offering with another cheap smartwatch from China, the No.1 G2 that has managed to attract a few customers.

Remember that this is just a basic comparison to see what are the main differences between the two models. Only after the Omate Racer is available in the market, we can decide for sure which one comes out as the best among the two. So, at present we will compare both the models in two important categories with the limited information available — Design and Features.

No.1 G2 vs Omate Racer : DESIGN


From the first look, both the device seem to have a very solid design with a sturdy build quality. While Omate Racer goes for a rugged sporty look, the No.1 G2 relies on a more traditional refined look with a smooth finish. The company did not mention whether the Racer had a metal built, but from the pictures it looks more of a plastic body. On the other hand, the G2 comes with a metal body which gives it a very premium look. The No.1 smartwatch takes its design inspiration from Samsung’s Gear smartwatch and from our hands on, we were impressed with the built quality it brought to the sub $100 smartwatch category.


As for the Racer, we like that it is round and sports a more traditional watch look. It would easily blend in with your attire, especially if you go outdoors for adventure sports. On the other hand, the G2 will stand out on your wrist and people will definitely notice its brushed metal finish. So, even though we love round smartwatches, we would still go with the No.1 G2 in this category for its premium looks.

No.1 G2 vs Omate Racer : FEATURES

Now, we take a look at the features that both these smartwatches bring to the table. Unsurprisingly, they are almost the same. Both the models run on Mediatek’s MT2502 Aster chipset which has now become a standard among affordable wearables. The chipset is powerful enough to run basic applications and perform tasks with ease.

The G2 and the Racer are specifically designed with smartphone notifications in mind. You can link a number of apps on board which will deliver notifications right on your smartwatch without actually having to download and install those apps separately on the device. You can also control media playback, manage your fitness regime as well as set up alarms on the device.

However, the No.1 G2 has a slight edge over the Racer. It comes with a camera too which as seen in our review clicks decent pictures. Moreover, the watch also features a heart rate sensor, which is not available on the Omate Racer. Another major difference is the display protection on the devices. The G2 comes with one of the best glass protections available in the market — Sapphire Glass while we still don’t know what kind of protection the Racer uses. But it is safe to assume that its not Sapphire glass.

Both the models have skipped Android Wear for their own software. No.1 features a very basic interface with apps for every task. The same goes with the Omate Racer. These smartwatch connects to both Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

There are a lot of other features that we still have to compare like the battery life, display size, water resistance and other features, but for that we would have to wait till the full tech specs of the Omate Racer is revealed. But for now, the No.1 G2 seems to be the better smartwatch in this comparison. The well built metal design + Sapphire Glass protection + traditional smartwatch features make it a great buy at $77 (after coupon). In fact, check out our review for full details about the features and the tech specs of the No.1 G2.

So which smartwatch did you like and which one would you buy?

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