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Xiaomi May Reportedly Make a Switch to iPhone Users Easy

by Linus 6

Xiaomi is already a well established manufacturer in China and other Asian markets. We are hearing a lot of news about the company as they are growing at an extremely fast pace. We may see a lot of comparisons to Apple, which company uses even in its official product launches. What is more, sometimes it is really obvious that this company has taken a lot of inspiration from Cupertino based tech giant.

Some call them the “Apple of China”, others predict them to be the global smartphones leader in about 5 years time. To further support these predictions, we have some news about some aggressive marketing tactics, which will be used directly at Apple. We saw that coming, just did not know the exact type of implementation.

Screenshot 2015-01-24 15.50.53

Xiaomi’s Media Development Director shared some thoughts about that. Right now it is obvious that Xiaomi, in order to allow iPhone users to make an easy transition to Xiaomi’s handsets, some hardware and software adjustments have been made.

The company stresses out its newest flagship – Xiaomi Mi Note, which has a dual-Sim dual-standby capabilities. One slot will be used for micro SIM cards, while another will be used either for Nano SIM cards or Micro SD cards for memory expansion. This hardware adjustment means that the iPhone users can make an easy transition without the need to replace their SIM card type and use it in Xiaomi’s device straight away!

In addition to this, Xiaomi development team is may be prepping an app, which will be placed directly into Apple’s App Store. This app will make everything easy to switch to Xiaomi: migrate data, sync contacts and will make easy merging and avoiding duplicate contacts.

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Finally, what about a trade in program? That’s right! Xiaomi’s Media Development Director is happy to say that that the company may soon launch the trade in program! You may be able to trade in any iPhone 5s or older iPhone, whether it is good or bad condition, and you will get a free Xiaomi Mi Note! What is more, The iPhone 6 or 6 Plus trade in will get you a free top of the line flagship Xiaomi Mi Note Pro!

It seems pretty obvious that the Xiaomi wants start ruling not only in China, but other markets as well. In addition, they definitely want to expand the circle or new and loyal customers. That being said, they do everything by the online marketing means. We say it is quite impressive.

Do you think that Xiaomi will strike at Apple seriously? Let us know in the social poll or in the comments section below.

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  • Apple is in almost dead last place in China. Xiaomi is the market leader in China. Could we please get someone more informed to write these articles, and not an Apple apologist that’s rewriting all reality?

    • AddTime

      Dumbass Wilson, here are the facts. Today, Apple announced quarterly sales of $16.1 billion in revenue from China. Canalys, a research firm, estimates that Apple is now the No. 1 smartphone maker in China.

    • mobilemann

      let me bask in how wrong you are, and you made that comment before apple announced it’s last earnings, (while doing better than samsung in china, all their phones combined)

      You again, are completely wrong. It must suck to be a fanboy.

  • James Macey

    “One slot will be used for micro SIM cards, while another will be used either for Nano SIM cards or Micro SD cards for memory expansion”

    Please show me where I can find a Mi Note/Mi Note Pro with a MicroSD slot, as far as I’m aware, there isn’t one.

  • LOL. It’s not like it’s difficult for an existing iphone user to get a new mi phone… not to mention financially, this is a stupid trade.

  • Shanos

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but I wonder has any more information on the trade in program been released? I have a couple of older iphone 4 that I would be happy to get rid of lol
    Also I really have to say that going for a dual sim/sim and Sd card is a great move, it allows those of us international users that have no need for the 2nd sim card to upgrade the memory in our phones very cheaply.
    Regards Shanos