Teclast Core M super tablet hybrid will feature insane specs

by Joel 5


Teclast had recently held a DIY contest wherein fans were asked to create a super tablet with the combination of the most powerful specs. The contest ended on January 31st and now the company has released the specifications of the winning powerful tablet hybrid.

According to the company, it will develop this prototype tablet with insane configurations for market use. This Teclast Core M powered tablet is said to come with the latest Core M 5y10c processor based on the 14nm process and clocked at the highest 2GHz frequency. Further, the tablet features Integrated HD graphics 5300 which delivers performance at par with desktop computers. Further inside, there will be 4GB of RAM and 128GB of ultra fast SSD. The tablet hybrid will be quite large too, as it will sport a 12.2-inch IPS display with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution. There will be a 11000 mAh battery onboard too. The Telcast Core M tablet will support Wi-Fi as well as 4G LTE networks.

Despite all these powerful specs, the Teclast Core M will be decently sized. It will measure about 9.1mm and is expected to come in a number of colors and designs. Of course, the convertible tablet won’t be cheap and it is said that the device will cost about 3155 Yuan which comes to around $500.

So, if such a tablet is released in the market, would you purchase it for the $500 price tag?