Wei Yan Sofia to be the first Android 5.0 + Win 10 dual boot phone?

by Joel 5

Weibo is a constant source of new leaks and information about upcoming smartphones. Today, we have got some images from this social networking website, which could be of a Windows Phone 10 powered smartphone. The leak reveals a very thin design profile, unlike traditional lumia devices.

According to the image, the phone runs on Windows 10 OS and will be called as the Wei Yan Sofia (Here, Wei Yan is the manufacturer).

The phone in the pictures has a very typical rectangular design, but its thin profile makes it look attractive. Further, the image reveals thin bezels and three capacitive buttons at the bottom. There is a large camera sensor at the back around the middle portion along with LED flash. There back looks slightly curved, or it could be just the image that’s giving that effect. There’s also a speaker grill at the lower portion.

Coming to the specs, the same source reveals that the Sofia smartphone will run on Intel’s low cost Sofia chipset, The name Sofia stands for “Smart or Feature phone with Intel Architecture” and is aimed at the budget market to compete with chipmakers like Mediatek and Qualcomm. It is said that the phone will sport a 5 or inch 1080p display, with 3G and 4G connectivity. There will be 2GB RAM onboard with 32GB storage and 13MP+5MP cameras. It is said that the phone will run on the new Windows Phone 10 OS along with Android 5.0. Yes, the source said that the phone will be dual boot, which frankly makes the overall device too good to be true. So, we would advise you to take this news with a pinch of salt, until any official confirmation.