MediaTek MT8173 Tablet SoC With ARM Cortex-A72 Cores Launched

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MediaTek has launched the MT8173 tablet SoC featuring ARM’s latest Cortex-A72 processor, which is said to be the highest-performing mobile CPU till now, It provides the computing power of up to 2.4GHz. The MT8173 uses two Cortex-A72 cores and two Cortex-A53 cores in a big.LITTLE architecture. MediaTek also pulled off the curtains from the 64-bit octa-core MT6753 SoC. The SoC will be the World’s most Powerfull SoC ever made. According to Mediatek, Due to higher computing performance and low power consumption, MT8173 significantly enhance the performance six times higher than in 2013 released the MT8125.


MT8173 supports 120Hz dynamic image display technology, the screen refresh rate of the screen of mobile devices upgraded to 120Hz, 60Hz display provides than double the smooth scroll effect and clearer images, reducing blur or blurring of text and images. MT8173 has begun to send samples to customers. The first tablet with MT8173 will be available later this year. As the power consuption of the SoC is low, We can expect it in some future Onda tablets. The SOC integrated GPU PowerVR GX6250 model , although not the strongest, but in the current tablet processors are also at the middle and upper reaches. Supports up to 2560 × 1600 resolution display and a 20 million pixel camera.


Multi-core computing 64 big.LITTLE architecture,

  • Equipped with ARM Cortex®-A72 and ARM Cortex®-A53 64-bit processor
  • Size nucleus (big.LITTLE) can simultaneously run at full speed in order to achieve peak performance up to 2.4GHz

Imagination PowerVR GX6250 image processing

  • Support for future OpenGL ES 3.1 and OpenCL application. It help in achieving a great picture quality as well as a greeat Performance

Some Multimedia capabilities

  • 120Hz dynamic screen display technology.
  • Ultra resolve 30fps H.264/ VP9 video playback hardware solution.
  • TV-grade image quality support WQXGA display
  • Supports HDMI and Miracast to achieve cross-screen applications.
  • 20 million pixel camera ISP, with dynamic real beauty and LOMO effect.

MediaTek will be demonstrating the MT8173, which is available now for early customers. It’s expected to appear in commercially available tablets in the second half of the year. What do you think of MediaTek opting for a quad core processor, split between a dual core high performance and a dual core, high efficiency design? Are you interested to see the new tablets with this processor onboard? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: MyDrivers