OPPO’s Bezelless phone now makes an appearance in a video!

by Joel 3

Yesterday, we came to know that OPPO was working on a unique smartphone. OPPO’s Bezelless phone was leaked in pictures which showed off the beautiful display on the device.

Now, the same phone has made an appearance in a video, showing off the true bezelless design. So, for those who were worried that the images were fake, this should be a good indication of the device being real. Of course, even with a video appearance, we can’t really confirm that this is an OPPO device, since we don’t see any branding on the phone.

The video shows off the device in action and from what we can see, everything was pretty smooth and responsive. We were worried that the bezelless design may hinder everyday operations, but it didn’t affect the experience, at least in the video. In fact, because of almost zero side bezels, the company could have reduced the width of the device, which will further help in handling it even with just one hand.

In case you are wondering, this is the same phone that was leaked yesterday, In fact, it seems that the video was taken around the same time as those images, since the background is exactly the same.

We also have to agree that the almost zero bezels makes the display stand out nicely. Watching anything on the device will definitely be a treat on that beautiful screen. Also, OPPO is known to incorporate high-end specs and display panels on their devices, so expect only high-end hardware (therefore performance) on the phone.

We sincerely hope OPPO releases such a device before the end of the year. Judging from the recent leaks, it looks like OPPO’s patented display tech may change the way smartphones displays are designed.

So, what do you think about the phone in the video?