This could be our first look at OPPO’s bezelless phone

by Joel 7

Yesterday, GSMArena reported that OPPO was working on a unique display technology which could hide the slim bezels on a smartphone. The technology covers the existing rectangular smartphone display with a “special light guide structure” to minimize the visible bezels. Basically, the covering on the display refracts light in a way that the display extends beyond the unit, making us feel that the phone has no bezels.

The source said that the patent was applied on 19 December 2014 in China and it could take as much as six months before OPPO could start using this tech in their phones. However, it looks like we have got a first glimpse of the OPPO’s bezelless phone.

Two leaked images gives us the first look at the OPPO smartphone using this tech. The display has no side bezels at all, or at least it looks that way in the pictures. Even the bezels on the top as well as the bottom are quite slim, which should definitely improve the phone’s screen to body ratio.

Unfortunately, we are still not clear when OPPO’s Bezelless phone will be announced in the market. It seems that OPPO hasn’t received the patent rights yet and hence, it may take a while before a smartphone using this tech hits the market.

While phones without any bezels looks beautiful, there may be some problems with slim side bezels especially when operating the device. Also, the three bezel-less (of which two are leaked) phones that we have seen lately look very similar. So, it may become hard to differentiate between two models if all manufacturers decide to slim down the side bezels.

Anyways, what do you think about this leaked OPPO device? Looks real?