Redmi 2A Catches Fire During Call In China, Xiaomi investigating the matter

by Joel 7

Recently, a user in China reported to the press that his Redmi 2A caught fire while he was talking on the phone. Mr. Tang has reported the matter to Xiaomi and the staff is currently investigating the incident.

redmi 2a fire

Mr. Tang reportedly bought the phone less than a month ago. According to Chinese media, he was talking with his wife on call, and in about five minutes, the sound started cracking. Then the phone’s body became too hot and he started to smell something burning. Fortunately, he realized that something was wrong with his phone and immediately threw it on the bathroom floor.

As you can see in the pictures below, the fire burnt most of the plastic body and internals of the device. You can even see the black burnt mark on the bathroom floor. After about two hours since the incident happened, he reported the matter to the Xiaomi after sales outlet.

redmi 2a fire 04

It is still not known whether the phone will replaced by the company. Mr. Tang said that the after sales unit has sent the phone to Beijing for further processing.

Of course, we don’t think from the pictures above that Mr. Tang’s phone’s in any condition of repair and if the cause of fire is indeed something internal, then it will be interesting to see how Xiaomi responds to the matter.

Although Mr. Tang was lucky to escape without any injuries, Xiaomi should seriously consider whether such an incident is possible in the future in the Redmi 2A models that are already available in the market.

While most would start blaming the cheap quality of materials used on the handset, we first have to see whether the exact cause of the fire was something internal or not. Also, this is not the first time we are hearing about smartphones catching fire (both Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 have caught fires before). So, lets see how Xiaomi responds to the incident.