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Infocus M810T: a snapdragon 801 smartphone that costs $139

by Frank Tu 9


Despite the fact that OnePlus One is a very capable handset according to the price that it is being sold for, Infocus M810T happens to be an even more capable smartphone, with one huge selling point. The device costs half the price of OnePlus One and features similar hardware, which makes it’s a no-brainer as to which device you will end up purchasing.

Coming to the hardware specifications, Infocus M810T is armed with a Snapdragon 801, which is the same chipset present on OnePlus One. However, when consumers purchase the device, they will find that it is running a very optimized interface and coupled with an optimized Android update, the smartphone is able to score more than OnePlus One, HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 in all benchmarking tests, particularly AnTuTu.

Despite the fact that the device sports just 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, the company has provided additional flexibility to not only place two SIM cards, but a microSD card slot that has a maximum capacity value of 64GB. Infocus M810T sports a phablet sized form factor since it has a screen size of 5.5 inches that renders a resolution of 1080p on its IPS display.

For an affordable handset, the device also has a 4G modem that delivers impressive upload and download speeds. Coming to the camera specifications, Infocus M810T has a 13MP rear camera sensor coupled with a 5MP one. According to the company, the primary sensor is able to snap impressive images and videos, even after they have been zoomed in.

Coming to the price tag, Infocus M810T can be purchased for $159.99, but if you want an even bigger discount,


, allowing you to snag yourself an even cheaper device that not only performs better than OnePlus One, but also has a ton of features present in it.

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  • Sirrr

    I think it does not have two sim slots. Only one sim.
    Great value though.

  • PaulBV

    It doesn’t have the 900 MHz WCDMA and 800 MHz 4G bands for Europe 🙁 A good price and specs for the rest of the world 🙂

  • ade oju

    Where to buy and does it support UK network WCDMA and 4G .

  • “The device costs half the price of OnePlus One and features much better hardware…” — Having 1GB less of RAM and 48GB less of storage does not make it have “much better hardware”. I’m pretty sure other corners were cut to get it down to that price, so … wait, was this paid advertisement?

    • Steve B

      Based on the Umbro M1 ‘review’ that bore no relation to actual phone, I would agree.
      Though Infocus are a good brand so I would expect this to be at least a decent phone.

  • WearySky

    The linked review from XiaomiToday gives it an Antutu score of under 36000… My K3 Note hits about 45K, and the comparison graph puts that at exactly the same as the OnePlus One. So… Where are you getting that it performs better than the OnePlus One? It’s a pity, because I was actually pretty interested.

  • Eric

    I’m expecting mine to arrive in a few days time. Broke the screen on my Note 4, so it’s cheaper to buy this than get the screen fixed. Apparently has overheating problems (because of the metal and probably not very well optimized rom) and not great battery life. Single sim is fine with me.

  • Viktorious Viktor

    Great specs for the price, wish it had better US Tmobile bands 🙂

  • dazed1

    Sure, go ahead and be disappointed, i can bet my house, that this has uber shit camera, battery, and most importantly very old nand (uber stutters)