Elephone M2 full specs and images

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Elephone M2-6
Elephone have been working on a multitude of handsets recently, they have a new flagship the Vowney coming soon in 3 different flavours to match users budgets, but they also have also been working hard on their new Metal Design phones series.

The first of the Metal Design series phones the Elephone M2 is set to be released soon and Elephone have provided full specifications as well as images of the finalised handsets.

First up the specs for the Elephone M2, a MediaTek MT6753 octa-core processor is powering the phone along with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, the inclusion of 32GB rom will come in handy as the phone does not appear to offer micro SD expansion.

Elephone M2

The screen is said to be an LG 5.5″ 1920 x 1080p (400ppi) display, if true then this should provide brighter more vivid colours as well as improved daylight viewing when compared to previous Elephone handsets such as the P7000 something to note in the pictures id the use of 2.5D front glass, looking very closely black boarders can still be seen but they are much thinner than on previous phones and are to a degree optically lost when looking through the curvature of the glass screen sides.

Elephone M2-3

Whilst not a true bezelless design it certainly looks a lot better than previous models, that lets not forget came under a fair amount of criticism for their black boarders.

The front of the phone houses the capacitive navigation keys, as well as the home button mounted finger print scanner which has unlock times of a claimed 0.5 seconds.

Elephone M2-5

As mentioned before Elephone have worked hard on the styling of the phone by slimming the bezels and adding the 2.5D glass, where they have also changed from their previous designs is the slim unibody metal design which accounts for 85% of the body and leaves the phone just 7.35mm thick, the use of the unibody on the Elephone M2 should avoid any bendgate issues.

Elephone M2-2

The rear of the Elephone M2 is completely metal, except for the black bar at the top that houses the 13mp camera and flash.

Elephone M2-1

Elephone have chosen to stick with the 13mp Sony IMX214 rear camera (as previously used in the P7000) and will use an 8mp front facing unit (make as yet unknown) hopefully Elephone will have had time to tweak the cameras software to maximise the capture quality.

Elephone M2-4

An area that has seen Elephone criticised recently is their phones operating systems, if you head over to the forums you can keep up to date with rom releases and bug fixes, hopefully this time around more time has been spent getting everything working as it should straight out of the box, its not that Elephone don’t get things fixed, its just that a lot of people feel that phones should not be released without finding and stamping out all but the most minor of problems.

So what do you think of the new Elephone M2? from a design standpoint its not a bad looking device, at just 7.35mm thick it should be easy to hold and fit in your pocket and the addition of 32GB Rom should be more than enough for most users.

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