Elephone P8000 Source Code

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Elephone P8000 Source Code

After their initial release which saw some of the required Elephone P8000 Source Code released a few months ago, Elephone have today released the full Elephone P8000 Source Code required for devs to build their own roms, hopefully stable Marshmallow roms or properly ported existing roms such as Cyanogen CM12.1 etc to the P8000.

One thing that has let Elephone down a little in the past and not won them any favours has been the bugginess of their roms, often requiring fixes to the fixes to get things working as they should, now is the chance for these things to be put right and with hope make Elephone see how important a dev community could be to the success of their forthcoming handsets such as the Vowney and the P9000 and force their hand to release the code for these phones as well.

The Elephone P8000 Source Code can be found on github here

The P8000 can be purchased on lilited sale for just $153.99 here

To those of you that like to dabble with your phones or the more hardcore rom devs out there, I say let the fun begin and lets see what you can create.

Please leave any comments or questions below

Regards Shanos

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