Oukitel K6000 features 9V/2A quick charge

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Oukitel K6000 features 9V/2A quick charge

Many phone users are now demanding more battery life from their handsets, we have seen ultra slim handsets come and go but the growing trend is for increased battery life at the expense of a few extra mm of width.

Oukitel have today sent over a video of the new OUKITEL K6000, the Oukitel K6000 features 9V/2A quick charge technology to allow the 6000mAh battery to fully charge in under 2 hours.

For the video they have also set up two OUKITEL K6000’s one is charged using their new 9V/2A charger, whilst the other is charged up using a standard iPhone 5v/1A charger.

The video gives a good comparison of the differences of standard charging vs flash charging, with the new system appearing to be around 3 times quicker.

Oukitel state that the battery in the K6000 is a 6000mAh unit, this is a lot of charge for a handset, hopefully unlike some other china based phone manufacturers this will be a true reflection of the actual amount of charge the phone can hold.

It the 6000mAh capacity does prove to be true and the charge times shown in the video are correct it should make for a phone that will give a lot of usage between its ultra quick charges.

Please check out the video for the Oukitel K6000 featuring 9V/2A quick charge and as always any questions or comments can be left below.

Regards Shanos