Xiaomi Working On A Helio X20 Powered Redmi Device?

by Joel 4

Its been just a day since Xiaomi announced a brand new Redmi Note 3 smartphone. However, rumors about a new model have already started to come in. Well, we don’t exactly know whether it will be a Redmi device for sure, but according to the latest information, Xiaomi is preparing a Mediatek Helio X20 deca-core chip powered smartphone. Since, its not going to be Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship, we guess it could be a Redmi device.


The source reveals that although Xiaomi is working on a Helio X20 powered device, the pricing is still a big mystery. This is because, the Helio X20 chip alone costs $30 and plus with the memory costing around7 $20, the total goes up to $50 for just these two components. Since, till now, Xiaomi has aggressively price its devices, like the yesterday’s Redmi Note 3 which costs just $140, it would be interesting to see how low the company can go with a this deca-core chip.

It is said that the Helio X20 device won’t be a flagship, which is kind of surprising given that its expected to perform at least at par with other flagship chips. So, we will have to wait and see which phone is upgraded with this new chip for a flagship like performance.

As for the release, expect to see the device only by first quarter of 2016, since Mediatek exec had hinted that the first batch of Helio X20 powered smartphones will debut by that time.

While it seems unlikely that a budget Redmi smartphone could feature such a powerful chip, we have to understand that a few months back, we thought the same with MT6795. But Xiaomi surprised us all with Redmi Note 2 featuring this new chip and yet being priced under $130. So, we can’t really rule out a Helio X20 powered Redmi device next year.

However, this is the first time we are hearing about such a Redmi device. If the phone is real, we are sure to get more details pretty soon. So, stay tuned.