Gizcam Redfox Handheld Stabilizer

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Gizcam Redfox Handheld Stabilizer

61YgFW8jJ2L._SL1500_With the advancement of mobile phone camera technology, home video cameras (camcorders) have pretty much become a thing of the past.

These days we all have a device in our pockets that is capable of capturing video almost instantly, but whilst we can all record videos on our phones it is not always the case that the video will look great.

The big differences between amateur looking recordings and more professional ones has a lot to do with how steady the recorder can be held.

For big professional video cameras a weighted and balanced rig is used, this ensures the camera is not affected by every small movement of the operator.

Some newer phones such as the Xiaomi Mi5 come with 4 Axis optical image stabilization,  a system that compensates for user motion to give a much smother less jumpy recording.

The Gizcam Redfox has been designed to work with mobile phones and action cams to give you the steady recording that can make your videos look great.


Gizcam Redfox is available in 2 variants for Smartphones And Action Cameras

The mobile phone version of the Gizcam Redfox weighs in at around 430 grams, whilst the action cam version comes in at just under 100 grams less at 338 grams).

Part of that weight is made up of a 3,000mAh battery, that has enough juice to run the Gizcam Redfox for around 10 hours, the Redfox can also function as a power bank to keep your phone or action camera charged up.

Gizcam Redfox features three different modes

Gizcam Redfox 3 modes

  • Pan following mode-

  • Locks tilt and roll axes – The camera pans to follow the handles direction.
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  • Locking mode –

  • Pan – Roll – Tilt are all lockable
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  • Pan and tilt following mode

  • Locks the roll axis the camera follows the pan and tilt motion of the handle.
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  • Degrees of movement
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The Gizcam Redfox is made from light weight aluminium

Gizcam Redfox smartphone compatibility list, the following phones are confirmed working by the manufacturer, but it should also work with the vast majority of android phones available.

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus

And is currently on sale at just $220.99 available from Amazon here

  • Gizcam Redfox hand held

Gizcam Redfox action camera is confirmed to work with the following action cams, but it is likely that it will also work with many other similarly styled action cams available from china.

And is currently on sale at just $230.99 available from Amazon here

So what do you think? are you looking to make great movies or home videos? can you see the benefits of the Gizcam Redfox? I am hoping to receive one soon to do a full product review.

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Regards Shane