UMi TOUCH Has A 4000mAh Big Battery For A Full Worry-free Day

by Shine Wong 27

UMi TOUCH turned out a real surprise and it easily ended up being one of the strongest recommendations we’ve made this season.

The affordable fella is made of metal, packs a 5.5 inch 1080p LTPS display, and runs on the Octa-core 3GB RAM. But the biggest highlight of its specs sheet is the beefy 4000 mAh battery.

umi touch

The UMi TOUCH has been enhanced with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow core. This version of the launcher promises significant battery life optimization.

umi touch

The life test video was done by 5hours heavy using mode and 10 hours standby mode, from 97% to 42% left. What I have done during this 5 hours? 30mins web browsing – 4% usage


30mins online video playback – 5% usage, it’s a okay number, 1 hour music playback – 8% usage, it’s reasonable, 1hour gaming – 10% usage, not bad! 30mins book reading – 4%, also quite reasonable, 1 hour wechating (Chinese what’s up) – 3%, that’s alright, nothing special 30 mins taking pictures & video recording – 10%, if you are photo shot lover, take a look at this number to see if it’s enough for you. 30mins talk time and so on –  spent about 8%, this could be better though.

umi touch

Additionally, we did another 10 hours standby, I was sleeping when testing, which is about 3% usage. So we are happy to say UMi TOUCH could easily live up to two days use! Everybody love to have a big battery smartphone, however, we don’t want to carry a “power bank” like phone all the time. UMi TOUCH has been thoughtfully designed to keep the slim body as well as a 4000mAh big battery. You no longer need to choose between big battery or beautiful design body. In this case, you can have both with UMi TOUCH!

umi touch

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