Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 Could Come With Eight Kryo Cores, Imagine the performance!

by Joel 4

After the success of the Snapdragon 820 chipset, which powers most flagship smartphones in the market right now, Qualcomm will be preparing to release the next generation version of the Snapdragon flagship chipset, most likely called as the Snapdragon 830.


So, what upgrades can we expect to see on the new chip? Analyst Pan Jiutang revealed a lot of details about the upcoming chipsets like Kirin 960, Helio X30 and even Snapdragon 830 (MSM 8998) earlier today. So, we have an idea about the possible upgrades.

He reveals that the Qualcomm will stick with Kryo cores for the Snapdragon 830, but increase the number to eight-cores. Current generation Snapdragon 820 comes with just quad Kryo cores, so imagine the performance we will see with eight such cores. Moreover, the chip is expected to be built on a much more efficient 10nm process. On the connectivity department, we can expect support for the super fast Cat. 16 LTE networks.

From the above specs, it looks like next year as well, Snapdragon 830 could rule the market. We just hope that the chip is optimized for efficiency and no problems such as overheating plague it like the SD810. This is not the first time we are hearing about the SD830. Earlier rumors have given out a quite detailed information about the SD823, SD828 and SD830 chipsets. Check that out from the previous link.