The Most Powerful Pocket Size Bluetooth Speaker Ever?

by Linus 1

The Omaker W4 may be the most powerful pocket size Bluetooth speaker I have reviewed… and I have reviewed a lot of speakers, make sure to check out the video playlist.

The Omaker W4 speaker is so tiny, light and compact that I didn’t really expect it to be so loud.

In fact, it has a 40mm sound driver and the quality of sound is surprisingly good. The sound is crisp and clear and there is even a good amount of bass.

In the packaging, you are getting some extras like a carbine and a nice carrying pouch.

The speaker is well built too. It does not sport any premium materials like aluminum. Instead, it uses a quality plastic which does not feel cheap.

There are some rubber elements going around the device. However, I’ve never been a huge fan of rubber as it attracts dust very quickly and it is hard to clean it.

The power button can also act as a play/pause or Bluetooth connection button.

When it comes to any Bluetooth speaker, one of the most important aspects is a battery life and this is where the Omaker W4 shines again. I could get around 11 hours of music playback, which is an amazing result for the speaker this small.

However, the speaker does not have an embedded mic for hands-free calling and it may be a major shortcoming for some.

All in all, Omaker W4 is a great pocket size Bluetooth speaker. I bet that you will be blown away by the volume output, sound quality and the battery life. However, you have to keep in mind that rubber material attracts dust very quickly and the speaker does not have a microphone. Other than that, it is a good product and it can be highly recommended.