Meizu Announces New Router for 199 Yuan

by Habeeb Onawole 1

In addition to the M3S launched today, Meizu also anounced a new router. The router is an upgrade to last year’s hockey puck-design Meizu Mini and Mini Pro Compact Wireless Routers. The new router is said to feature 4 antennas (2 built-in and 2 external), support for 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit Wi- Fi, and has a coverage area of 200 square meters.

meizu router

The Meizu router is priced at 199 Yuan ($30) but buyers who purchase it alongside the M3S will get a 40 Yuan discount. It will be available for purchase on JD Mall and Meizu’s official website on the 20th of June.

Will Meizu’s new router be able to compete with Xiaomi’s Mini Mi Router as the latter sells for less?