When & Where To Watch The OnePlus 3 Launch Event Live Today?

by Joel 1

After months of waiting, OnePlus will officially unveil the new OnePlus 3 flagship globally via the company’s Loop VR app. Like last year, OnePlus is continuing with the tradition of announcing the device in virtual reality, but this time, instead of the OnePlus office, the company is going to release the new device at its Loop Virtual Space Station.


Less than 12 hours are remaining for the event, and the company even has a dedicated Loop page with a countdown timer for the start of the event. You can check out the page from here. Also, in case you are wondering, check out the table below to see the exact time when the Loop VR event kicks off in your local time. Make sure you download and install the Loop app from OnePlus before the event. While the company recommends using a VR headset for watching the event, it’s not necessary to have a headset. Check out the app for more details.

  • San Francisco, USA – 9:30 PDT, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • New York, USA – 12:30 EDT, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • Ottawa, Canada – 12:30 EDT, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 13:30 BRT, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • London, UK – 17:30 BST, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • Paris/ Berlin / Barcelona / Amsterdam, EU – 18:30 CEST, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • Moscow, Russia – 19:30 MSK, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE – 20:30 GST, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • Islamabad, Pakistan – 21:30 PKT, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • New Delhi, India – 22:00 IST, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • Jakarta, Indonesia – 23:30 WIB, June 14 (Tuesday)
  • Beijing / Taipei / Hong Kong / Singapore – 00:30 CST/ HKT, June 15 (Wednesday)
  • Seoul / Tokyo – 1:30 KST/ JST, June 15 (Wednesday)
  • Canberra, Australia – 2:30 AEDT, June 15 (Wednesday)
  • Wellington, NZ – 4:30 NZST, June 15 (Wednesday)

Well, this was about the launch event. But if you have any questions about purchasing the OnePlus 3 handset during the launch event, there’s a very detailed post on the OnePlus forums which you can check out from here.

Here are the timings when the phone goes on sale.

Open sales will start at:
June 14 15:00 EDT New York time
June 14 12:00 PDT San Francisco time
June 14 20:00 BST London Time
June 15 03:00 HKT Hongkong Time
June 15 12:30 IST New Delhi Time


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